Today every business requires customer support services. The customer is spoilt for choice and he will go with the company which provides the best quality products and great customer service. This is where Centous comes in. We enable smooth functioning of inbound and outbound customer service through our varied range of products and services and endeavor to deliver excellence. Be it insurance, telecom, Medicare, logistic or energy all companies across domains want support services which includes after sales support and also upselling and cross selling.

All these companies across industries have also realized that Call Centers are best outsourced as it saves time, effort and money and thus all these companies are pursuing BPO or business process outsourcing.By outsourcing their call center operations to us, the companies can concentrate on their core competencies and can pursue expanding their businesses. It is simple business sense-Outsourcing is cost effective and productive and thus Centous is the right partner for all these firms to partner with for qualitatively superior BPO services. We have made a name for itself by delivering top of the line and top class services to companies across industries and domains. We at Centous are committed to customer delight and ensure that the best quality BPO services are provided to all our clients.



These are some Industry Specific partnerships which Centous has acquired and endorsed:


Centous has been partnering and handling BPO businesses with many insurance companies. In the insurance sector there are outbound calls made to sell insurance and also for installment payment reminders. Moreover emails and chat are also part of this process.
Also when individuals wish to enquire about or buy insurance then they make inbound calls and these are handled by Centous on behalf of the insurance provider.
Thus it is a Win-Win arrangement where the insurance provider gets good quality BPO services and Centous handles the BPO business of the provider successfully.


Today health and Medicare is a big and booming industry and there is a dire need for good quality call center and BPO services as they require specific expertise which is scarcely found in Medicare companies and hospitals.
Thus Centous partners with the prominent players in the Medicare industry and provides great BPO services be it inbound or outbound.
In inbound Medicare services the patient calls the hospital for consultation with a Doctor or for medical emergencies or for purchasing medicines.
Outbound calls are made to upgrade plans and sell lab tests and all these are handled by Centous on behalf of the Medical service provider.


The telecommunication sector is one of the prominent and booming sectors today. With new players coming in almost every fortnight the need for quality BPO and call center services are ever increasing.
Centous provides inbound call center support where complaints and queries are handled and plans are upgraded. Also prepaid recharges and bill payment assistance is provided. While in the outbound call center bill payment and outstanding reminders are generated and also new schemes, offers and upgrades are made aware to the customer. Thus by partnering with Centous the companies get the best and high quality BPO and call center services.


Logistics is a booming industry today with professionals frequently changing jobs and job locations. Thus Centous partners with logistics providers to provide support which helps the customers and the company alike.
All aspects of logistics are handled through the Centous BPO services on behalf of the logistics provider and Centous is dedicated to delight.


Centous also partners with Energy and Utility providers and provides good quality BPO services on behalf of them to the customers. Complaints are handled brilliantly and good quality customer services are provided to the customers. If there are any other issues like recharge, or bill delay, or wrong reading all of these are handled by Centous with its BPO services for the Energy and Utility provider.

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